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Raeford Coffee Company was developed and was established by a group of friends who have a desire to contribute in developing the Raeford community. Each one plays a unique role as they work together in building a coffee shop that brings together a community where others feel loved, connected, and heard.


Mobile Coffee Shop

The heart of our mission and vision is to create community, no matter where we are. With our mobile coffee shop platform, we can bring the coffee shop and community to you.

Downtown Location

New things are FALLing into place for Raeford Coffee Co. Starting October 8, 2022, Raeford Coffee Co. will have a new home in downtown Raeford. Located at 120 E. Elwood Ave., Raeford, NC 28376. As we're establishing roots in downtown Raeford, we'll still be partnering with our community via the mobile coffee shop.

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